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My contributions:
  • level design
  • game design
  • 3d placeholders
  • xml


3D First Person Space Shooter

A 3D space-shooter called Galaxia created in 10 weeks half-time by the team of Moon Squid, which consisting of 13 members.

The player starts out as a fresh-meat rebel who works her way up by doing a series of missions which ramps up the confrontations with the Empire.

  • tga-engine


  • Gustav Bok (Level Design)
  • Jesper Staafjord (Level Design)
  • Martin Wallin (Code)
  • Dennis Majvall (Code)
  • Vincent Edh (Code)
  • Zebastian Sörensen (Code)
  • Joachim Häggström (Art)
  • Ida Bogne (Art)
  • Murli Soogrim (Art)
  • Oskar Möller (Art)
  • Martin Blomkvist (Tech Art)
  • Joakim Vikström (Tech Art)
  • Lukas Orsvärn (Tech Art)


  • Team size: 13
  • Level Designers: 2
  • Programmers: 4
  • Artists: 4
  • Technical Artists: 3

Developer video

First 3D Game at The Game Assembly

The player has to destroy the training drones to proceed.After four games in 2D it was finally time to go over to 3D! The second year at The Game Assembly we got divided into teams that will last for the rest of the year, doing 4 games together.

We decided to call our team “Moon Squid”, and the artists started to work on a logo for our team. We also created a facebook-page where we post updates on all of our games.

This was the first game  at The Game Assembly that we had a goal game in mind, a game where we took a game’s micro-mechanics and tried to mimic them as much as possible in our own game.


3D Space Shooter mission design

The player have to destroy the enemies defending the drilling platforms.It can be daunting at first to design for a 3D game where the player can fly anywhere. We decided to focus our game around different push and pull-techniques to create points of interest for the player, mixed with dog-fighting enemies.

In our initial design we wanted to escort a weapon between shields but due to time constraints it had to be left out of the game. When we designed the levels we always had the narrative and its coherence with the player objectives in mind.


Working with a new discipline, Technical Artist

This was the first time anyone of us have ever worked with a technical artist on a game. Our team had 3 technical artists, one of them focused on the pipeline for level designers and artists, one person did all of our particles(and did all of our narrative subs!). The third technical artist focused on shaders. Having technical artists in the team made it easier for the programmers who usually had to do the pipeline work. As a level designer I now had a dedicated person to go to when I had problems regarding the exporting or importing of levels (without feeling that I was disturbing other work).


The player has to carefully avoid detection by the deployed space radars.Combat dogfighting, the player versus alot of enemies!