About me

My name is Gustav Bok and I’m a Tools Programmer at Massive Entertainment. I have studied Level Design at The Game Assembly and have a Bachelor’s degree in game programming at Malmö University.

I’m both a designer and a techie with a good eye for details and I believe that the player experience always should have the highest priority in game developement. I have been creating games for the past 6 years, both in teams and on my own. I’ve been involved with several commercial games, with the most famous one being Tom Clancy’s The Division. I always have personal projects going on to make sure I never become passive and to improve as a developer. I volunteer as a mentor for children and young adults who want to learn programming through the Kodcentrum initiative and I love attending gamejams where I mostly end up writing network code or Artificial Intelligence.

I take challenges head on and always try to learn from my own mistakes. When trying to solve a problem I tend to break it down to smaller managable sizes and solve them seperately. I really enjoy working with people, and I believe as long a team stays openminded it also have the capacity to make great games.

Gustav Bok


Name: Gustav Bok
: +46 (0)738 32 72 88
Mail: gustavbok@gmail.com
Location: Malmö, Sweden

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